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Affordable Laundry Service

Although laundry delivery service may feel like a luxury, it shouldn't bear the costs of a luxury. Our fairly priced laundry service provides you with luxury level service at an excellent value.

Privacy and Professionalism

Your garments are treated with the utmost care and attention. We NEVER outsource your laundry to third party individuals and work only with our trusted, professional laundry facilities. On top of that, we can provide upon request privacy bags which allow your more private items to be washed in a closed mesh bag that allows for a proper cleaning but prevents anyone from seeing whats inside in any detail.


Alternative Laundry Products

We are all different, and we all have different needs. We offer a variety of detergents, softeners and options to accommodate those with sensitivities to standard cleaning products.



  • Required for all cleaning services. Virtual option available!
    75 US dollars
  • Mobile Laundromat
    75 US dollars
  • Remaining balance will be invoiced after weighing items at pick up
    75 US dollars
  • Valet laudromat service
    Starting at $225