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Our valet luxury laundry service is all inclusive. We will wash, dry, fold, hang and steam (5 complimentary items) with love and care. All orders must be at least 30lbs. Pickup and delivery is complimentary within a 30 mile radius of downtown Montgomery, AL. Anything outside of that will be a small fee of $0.65 per mile. All detergent, fabric softener, laundry sanitizer, Clorox and Oxiclean will have a fee assessed. 5 hangers will be provided complimentary anything above that will have a charge. Current service areas include Tri-County and River Region, Auburn, Ramer, Selma, Opelika and Clanton. Ask if we can service your location. We travel!

Price List

We know laundry service is a luxury but we do want it to be reasonably priced for use by those of various backgrounds. We work hard to ensure that we provide top tier service at affordable prices. 

All orders must be 30 lbs at minimum. 30 lbs $75 Anything over 30 lbs is $3 per lb MAXIMUM OF 150 LBS per service

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